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hey blog reader. it's been a relatively quite week. one more and a half to go before Gaycation 4.0. woohoo... can't wait! nothing of real importance has come about this week or last i think except for finally getting snared into the phenomena of "Facebook". actually, back at Harvard i was already on Facebook, but being more of a Friendster user, i decided to just let the profile sit idol and really didn't accept any "requests" for "friends". well, that all changed in a heartbeat, and there's sort of a funny reason why actually. one really late night i was just surfing around and out of nowhere i started thinking about this guy i sort of psuedo dated back at harvard and we ended up hooking up (only once ... sigh!) anyways, a little bit after coming to houston we sort of on and off chatted online still but then for the longest time i haven't heard from him (since for the longest time i kind of took a break from being online and all). so... i was thinking ... i wonder what he's up to now. so i admit it ... i googled stalked him. didn't find much but did find an electronic business card so to speak so i know where he works... woohoo. anyways, what i really wanted though was to see something of a picture, so i immediately thought... online communities.... Facebook?
now i didn't go to Friendster because i knew from before that he had removed his profile from that service. now... you might ask... why did i need his picture so bad. people who know me well (well, now everyone who reads this) knows that i keep basically a "list" of all the guys i've hooked up with. its sort of a "book of shame" or more pragmatically, a "paper trail/contact list" if i had ever really fucked up and got "something" from fucking around. i'm all about notification in that situation ... keeping a list is useful ... and despite not really entering that many entries in a while, there was a time that it was a "constant" ritual.
so i went on to Facebook and typed his name and voila ... he's on there. now the thing is since i had to log on it somehow occured to me... well, why don't i just make a "real" profile. i mean, my friendster profile although still up is pretty much defunct so i decided, what the hell. i spent teh next hour or so (late into the night where i should be sleeping!) and made up a fun little profile, added pictures, etc ... and of course .... requested his friend link. i didn't really know if he would accept it or not but a few days later, he accepted it and asked how i was doing.
it was fun looking into at his profile after he accepted my request, to my chagrin, in the time since i last talked to him, he had landed himself a boyfriend, complete with yucky cutesy picture of him and his boyfriend on his page. oh well ... i mean, i had landed a boyfriend too in that time but of course, we know how yucky and cutesy that relationship was. i was kind of peeved i have to say , as to be honest, i had a semi crush (scroll to "In the Mood For Love") on this boy, ok... a full blown i wanna have your babies crush haha. and now he's with someone else when he could have totally been with me haha... if i had stayed in boston after graduating HAHA! oh well, there was something short and sweet about our little love affair. it was one of those weird relationships totally based on flirtation .. a protracted 6 month of woo-ing (and ahh, ahh, ahhing) that even after we had consummated it, the electricity was still thee (and the actual sex not too shabby either! ahh ahhh ahh)
anyways, long story made short ... i got a few pictures for my book of shame... nice ... number XYZ guy taken care of (what you actually thought i was going to tell you a number?!)
oh yeah, also reconnected with people i use to know ... like Webb School people... whoa! also finally have a forum to post up pictures of shit. blogger deespite its wonderfulness, sucks at the whole picture upload thing ... Facebook is so much more stable, faster, and easy to access.
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