The Last Studio... FOREVER!

ahhh... finally it's done! yes, two day ago i had my final... final studio review. and it felt good. why have i waited two long day before reporting to my public? hey... studio takes a lot out of a man you know. heh heh. so how did it go? well... i guess i could say it really started monday, as the weekend before i was still just jacking off. but man, it was like a job! haha... a 14-16 hour a day job that is. the first three days were spent on a 3D model, that in the end proved VERY useful, and in retrospect eventhough it took 2 more days more than i had planned, i'm glad i did it because it really was a good experience in a new 3d modeling platform... one of my goals i have had for being at harvard. finally thursday was spent prettying up the plans i had drawn the week before... ok, i guess i did start working on it last week to be honest, but not at the intensity of production week. oh i should mention though that stuck in the middle of production week was also our final developer's presentation for real estate field study... which went off well as well. well, we presented very well, although our project was inherently flawed... which actually kind of resembles in a way studio... but hey, at least something was good no? Anyways, a day of prettying up models was followed by another day of making section from the 3d model... quite a novel thing for me eventhough i've heard of it for almost a decade now i guess... heehee, it was cool. the only crappy thing was that there was no way for me to get what i saw from the screen, printed or transfered to another imaging program.... except via the old school "print screen" method... which of course makes for crappy resolution. 3d model, check, plans, check, sections, check, and now for prettying up perspective.... which actually was a lot fo fun and took a LOT less time than i thought it would... compared to everything else that took a lot more time than i had scheduled. actually by the time i was into sections, is eriously had lost track of when i was exactly working, i just felt like it was a big blur. but let me think, so i can scare myself in posterity. i think for monday thru thursday i worked till 2 or 3... tried to sleep till 5 (i had crazy insomnia for some reason... and then returned to studio around on average 10, and then friday i said that was enough and actually hada full 8 hours, but then saturday was my all nighter, followed by another work day that was broken by maybe 5 hours of sleep arriving on sunday morning and then work till the following monday morning at 4 AM... when i FINALLY finished... only 10 hours behind schedule... which isn't that bad actually. at points during the review it was hard to stay awake but as my slot rolled by i actually got a little of the hibby jibbies, but once i got in my rolll, i think i actually pulled off a decent job. whoopee! I rock. also i had a fantastic wardrobe... my goal was "desert cocktail party"... so i wore ultra style white shirt white tie... continued with white.... shorts! haha... and then sandals (not flip flops mind you...classy sandals). it was fab... and for effect i added a flaming red tulip as a garnish... since Machado had so piquantly termed my project the flowering canopy...oh i should put some images on here! will do! how was the crit? well... weird honestly. i presented as a pair with another guy who shared basically the same site and he presented after me before they did a group crit.... and i dunno... i felt that they talked more about his project and not only that but they were getting way too theoretical. one critic was actuallys aying, if i understood him correctly that we shouldn't be too rash to term an urban problem a "problem" if it has had such "positive" iconic value for a place.... but in my analysis of things... is that saying that because suburbia is so ubiquitous and iconic and to many... positive... it removes itself from being criticized and open to ideas of improvement? what kind of "constructive criticism" is that. my friend ira had a great description of this individual... he is simply a man who likes to hear himself talk. yes, i agree. but i can't say i am really disappointed though because the project didn't really seem to be criticized that much and it was also odd being paired with another project because you were never quite sure which project they were referring to, you know? anyways, in my own analysis of things and in asking of my colleague, i have come to believe that my project was solid and worked and that it was a thing to behold. and like i said, my professor said that i had presented it particularly well also, which straightforwrad compliments from a man of little compliments means something. well, second round, i like to hope he has garnered a little more professional collegial respect for me... haha.
but alas, all good things must come to pass. and after passing, things go to bars and eat and drink... and fight off the exhaustion. Haha, so that's what the studio did... a little happy hour that was long deserved. beers and nachos and good conversation to ward off the strangely turned cold weather. and then home to watch a movie despite being ridiculously tired... but then sleeping about 15 hours. nice. going back to studio... where else would i go? doing some odd and end paper work, drilling some squash, and then having dinner and wtaching a movie with my friend bobby... who felt the need to unload some issues on me about his personal life. god, that shrink tattoo must be showing again on my forehead. but i do what i can i guess. and today, its hard to get back into the mode of "regular" life. I drag myself out of bed, go to studio for some odds and ends work (despite having real task like 2 papers i need to do... i don't do them!) and dragging myself to work... remember i have a part time job... haha! almost falling asleep there eventhough i worked only 3 hours... aiyah!... then playing some squash after... really getting my ass kicked and humbled by some actually good players... its ok... i just wanna learned. learned some good drills though so i am gonna practice them. and now here i am, writing my blog again that i have so neglected... but hey.. no one reads these anymore anyways. but they're still important i guess... for my own purposes.
i have to decide where i wanna work... i think i'm gonna call my parents this evening and see what input they have.
i have odds and ends like shipping books, pricing stuff i wanna sell, shipping my chairs, arranging a garage sale, and painting my room.
i have to do 2 damn papers!
i have to box items and put them in the basement.
i have to prepare for p-town and memorial day weekend and dividing my clothes so i have enough to wear.
ahhh... all this stuff to do.
ok what about some pretty pictures?